Our techs

Effectiveness, performance and durability make a successfull project. Nonetheless, although web development is an engineers' affair, it's too often subject to trends and hype.

That is why, we use the best technologies: those who are well-tested, recognized by the community and that we master perfectly.


Whatever your project's complexity. We choose together the technologies and frameworks that are best suited for your use case and that provide the best user experience.

Back-end & hosting

On the server side, from the database engine to the web server, every piece has to be well though and configured to guarantee astonishing performance and first class security.


Specialized in the web industry (websites, web apps and web servers), Buzeo Digital provides teams of all sizes with audit, consulting, web development and systems administration services with a strong focus on performance and security.

Created in 2014 by blogger and entrepreneur Quentin Busuttil – ex CTO & server architect at Peerus and developper of the whole architecture behind Buzeo Media – Buzeo Digital will drive you to reach the full potential of your projects.